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Bettyann Cernese
Pepperell, MA

“My horse absolutely loves her massages with Bettyann – it's quite something to watch how Bettyann finds and releases areas of tightness with her toolbox of techniques. She has such an innate way of understanding what is going on with the horse – something my horse truly appreciates!”
~Ann M.
Client since 2010

The greatest asset any moving body can have is its complete freedom and ease of motion.
~Jack Meagher, “Beating Muscle Injuries for Horses”

The physical relationship between horse and rider, how freely they move individually and together, has a direct effect on their performance as a team. Forward Motion Massage offers a complete line of services that will allow you and your horse to experience true freedom of movement to achieve maximum performance!

Therapeutic massage for horses and humans helps to restore normal motion promoting balance, health, and relaxation. Whenever we ask our horses (and ourselves) for maximum performance in any discipline, their fullest potential is only achieved through good movement.

Good movement is achieved through free motion and:

Allows maximum performance
Enables the horse and rider to be in better balance
Makes it easier for the horse to carry a rider
Enables the horse to perform longer with less fatigue and stress

The most prevalent reason for the loss of free motion is residual muscle tightening that develops from repeated strains and exertions. Freedom of movement comes from lively impulsion and suppleness of joints and muscles free from the paralyzing effects of resistance.

Anything less than maximum efficiency is a problem and the possible beginning of a more serious one. Sports massage therapy goes beyond the symptom to the underlying cause.

"The absolute best protection you can have is prevention!
Because the majority of strain type injuries are cumulative in nature,
the majority of strain type injuries are preventable."

~Jack Meagher, “Beating Muscle Injuries for Horses”

Ideally, massage should be done on a regular basis as a preventative treatment for both you and your horse.

Horse & Rider Movement Analysis and Treatment
An evaluation is performed of how you and your horse work and ride together to determine the proper treatment of both to increase freedom of movement and overall performance as a team. For you treatment is done through clothing on a portable massage table. For your horse, treatment is done in a stall or while being held on a lead. You both receive a customized session utilizing techniques such as the Jack Meagher technique of Sportsmassage, Zero Balancing , trigger point work and more. You then have the opportunity to get back on your horse and ride with your newly discovered freedom of movement.


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