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Bettyann Cernese
Pepperell, MA

I frequently see back problems in horses that are directly related to saddle-fit issues. Regardless of how many times I treat a horse with these problems, they will never resolve without a properly fitting saddle. Most of the changes in English saddle design over the past forty years have been designed to increase rider comfort, often at the expense of the horse. Computer pressure analysis was used to create the ReactorPanel; first to identify and then to address the shortcomings of conventional saddles. The result is a saddle that is flexible, spreads pressure over a large area, is user-adjustable, and allows the horse to work freely from behind and through the back.

ReactorPanel customers experience:

Greater freedom of movement and improvement in all gaits, especially the
extended trot and canter.
Recovery of wasted muscle due to poor saddle fit
Increased rider balance and comfort in the saddle
Easier transitions, and, in general, a lot less resistance on
the part of the horse
Improvement in temperament, especially when being saddled

An RP saddle can be modified in many ways to accommodate the horse´s natural frame and movement, and many adjustments can be made to accommodate imbalances in the rider's anatomy as well. In this way, the RP system creates a harmonious and balanced team.

Which saddle is right for me?
Whether you ride dressage, event, show jump, participate in endurance or ride for pleasure, there is a ReactorPanel saddle designed for your sport. ReactorPanel Saddle Company offers a full line of 15 english saddle designs to choose from, each of which can be custom fit to you and your horses needs.

Why I Believe in ReactorPanel Saddles
With my first horse Breezy I owned no fewer than six saddles, both Western and English, and neither Breezy nor I was ever happy with any saddle fit. Then I came across Carmi Weininger and ReactorPanel Saddle Company at Equine Affaire in 2002. Being a former engineer, I immediately recognized the possibilities with RP saddles. I rode my first RP saddle, a Cross Functional, and never looked back. Breezy’s stride lengthened, her transitions improved, her top line filled in and she was happy to work.

I have been an independent certified fitting agent for ReactorPanel saddles since 2003. Today I ride in an RP Elegance Dressage saddle with my Missouri Fox Trotter Foxtrot’s Pandora aka Dora. I am so excited about being a fitting agent for ReactorPanel, as it allows me to provide a real solution—a properly fitting saddle that is comfortable for both horse and rider!

Take a ReactorPanel for a Test Ride
Before buying a ReactorPanel Saddle we insist you try the saddle of your choice free for two-weeks. During this trial period you can test ride the dressage saddle, jumping saddle, endurance saddle or trail saddle of your choice. Contact me to arrange your test ride.


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