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Bettyann Cernese
Pepperell, MA

“March of 2010 I purchased an old cottage in the center of a village…. Change is challenging and even with the changes I was making I felt like I was living in someone else's space, so I asked Bettyann if she would perform a space clearing and blessing…. after the ceremony was over, the house felt brighter, like the cobwebs had been swept away….  Bettyann is very respectful, very intuitive and I was thrilled with the results of her house blessing ceremony."
~ Deb A.,
Client since 2005

• Are you moving into a new home, apartment or office?
• Is your space lacking energy or vitality?
• Are you having difficulty selling your home?
• Does something just not feel right about your home?
• Are you feeling stuck personally or professionally?
• Are you cleaning out or de-cluttering your space and/or your life?

Space clearing is done to clear out old, stuck or negative energy that accumulates within your space, be it an office, studio specific room in your home or even the entire house. The walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, objects, plants, animals and people absorb whatever happens in a room or home, good or bad. This energy can then have an effect on anyone who occupies that space. Space clearing can also help with the removal of trapped earthbound spirits or ghosts and will raise the vibration of the space it is used in.

Space Clearing techniques have been used throughout history. The methods and tools vary from culture to culture, but the intent is the same – to create greater harmony and balance. These forgotten ceremonies that brought vitality to human structures generations ago are being used again to instill peace and equilibrium.

A home or business that has been purified not only feels better but sometimes, in seemingly mystical ways, health improves, relationships deepen and prosperity expands.

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